How to Shop with MCMF

Contact us regarding the item(s) you are interested in by filling out our contact form or by using one of the following:

T: (415) 606 6508




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Condition Disclosure


Our inventory is vintage which means it has been here for 40-80 years, thus some wear should be expected. Please note our condition categories:

Excellent: Almost perfect with maybe one or two small flaws such as a small scratch. Overall appearance is not affected.

Great: Shows some signs of wear. Superficial scratches, nicks, or marks are more visible than Excellent, but the piece looks great.

Good: Definite signs of age and wear. Piece may have visible scratches, nicks, or marks, but these flaws do not affect function.

If you have further questions about the condition please feel free to contact us. We strive to be as clear as possible in our descriptions and photos, so that you understand what condition the item is in. We research each piece to give you any and all information that we know about each item, but there is sometimes no brand or date on the piece. If there is we always put it in the description, otherwise we state the "style".

Please note that unless otherwise described, our lamps, clocks, and other electronics are in working order. However, since they are vintage, we do recommend that you have them checked by a technician if you so desire.